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    Make Change Happen the Wonderfultastic Way!

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    Passionate that we can quickly, and not so difficultly, change what we want to and be who we want to be!

  • A message for all:

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  • I had fun speaking with a lively Texas Bay Area SHRM group! I look forward to more meetings with these friends! Check out their upcoming events:


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  • This was a fun event! Sponsored by Paylocity/ADDA/Human Interest

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  • Jimtastic's bio

    Curious who Jimtastic is? See below! Also see my social media links below. Especially twitter @wonderfultastic

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    James “Jimtastic” Scholes is not only an entrepreneur, key-note speaker, motivational expert and trainer, he is also MBA adjunct faculty for 13 years, a best-selling author, and global HR/Labor Relations professional who founded Wonderfultastic.com. Jimtastic is most often referred to by his colleagues as “you are kinda different for an HR guy”, which he wears with pride and honor! When not disrupting conventional thinking that organizational change, personal change and other HR topics are not complicated, in fact very simple commonsense, he is either in the water on a kayak, ziplining through rainforest tops or motorcycling around the country. Jimtastic obtained his BS in Occupational Training & Development from University of Louisville and holds a dual MA in HR Dev/HR Mgt from Webster, University, St. Louis, MO

    Perspective is his second favorite word, right after “Wonderfultastic”!


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    James H. Scholes


    Houston, Texas

    The below is done and over and what FUN! Thanks again for having me!

    PAYLOCITY is hosting an HR event at Pinstripes, February 22, 2023 | 3:00 - 6:00 PM With Jimtastic followed by networking and bowling!

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  • What a great event on May 06, 2022! It was standing room only for a morning session! Brave early birds enjoyed the topic!

    Click the picture to link to http://www.okhr.org/

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  • Jimtastic's bio

    Curious who Jimtastic is? See below! Also see my social media links below. Especially twitter @wonderfultastic

  • Everyone can use some positive in their day, right? For daily doses follow us above on Twitter!





  • Had fun Oct 17, 2018 at:

    Had fun at the Paycor & Human Interest SHRM PDC Bowling Event. Wednesday, December 08, 2021 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM. Details below!!!

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    This past event was fun for all who attended. I look forward to continuing discussions with contacts made.

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    Listening to Better Communicate Performance, Coach, and Manage Conflict

    This event was packed!

    Wednesday, October 17, 2018 11:00 AM

    Want to learn and have fun? This is the event!

    Register here:


  • What fun we had...

    Keep an eye out here as we receive requests and acceptances they will show up in this section:

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    Edmond, OK by CUPA-HR Oklahoma Chapter

    We will be on stage for the afternoon General Session 1:00 - 2:00 Central time

    Link: http://chapters.cupahr.org/ok/fall-2017-conference-2/

    Our topic:

    Are you the Ahhhh or the Uh Oh?




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    Your event here! jimtastic@wonderfultastic.com

    We can put your next event we are speaking at here. Contact us soon!

    Imagine your event published here.

  • The KC CRuz, our newest consultant...

    NEWS: We've added a Happyrific new speaker,

    The KC Cruz of www.TheKCCruz.com. The Millennial Motivator...


    She will be appearing at some of our events.

    Her mini-bio:

    KC is a passionate speaker for the Millennials, being one herself. She identifies with the generation that is becoming the largest single influence on businesses, commerce and politics today. She brings a perpetually positive spirit and demeanor to some of the hard topics for businesses and leadership today. Her perspective gives value to those trying to navigate the generations we have in the workforce today. She is a rising star among today’s young talent!

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  • "Core Values", or better stated: "Our Passion"

    Our core values are simple: Demonstrate the ease of changing what one does not like about self or organization in a fun, direct approach.

  • Past EVENTS

    2018 has been great! the future is going to be wonderfultastic!

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    It was fun!
    Speaking at HR Southwest

    The largest Regional HR Event in the US.

    2000+ Attendees!

    Our session:
    October 03, 2017

    Difficult Employee = Top Performer?

    10:00-11:00 AM


    Jimtastic is also speaking at WingDing 39 at the Gaylord in Grapevine, TX for the annual Gold Wing gathering. Topic: Public Speaking. www.WingDing.org The event runs Aug 29-Sept 02, 2017

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    OKHR 2017!

    April 13-14, 2017

    We spoke: April 14, 10:15-11:15AM



    This year's theme was EmpowHR!

    Great speakers and vendors!

    Legal updates, nationally recognized Keynotes and more!


    Our 3rd appearance.
    New topic this year:

    "Different = Difficult?"

    We discussed ways to harness employees labeled "difficult" toward positive results!

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    A great time and huge success!

    2017 Gulf Coast Symposium by HR Houston was amazing and really put together with the attendee in mind. Great job HR Houston!


    2017 Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues


    This year's theme is "Stand Out!"

    "Stand out in your career, organization, department, profession!"

    May 10-12, 2017

    NRG Stadium, Houston, TX

    We spoke: Thursday, May 11, 2:30-3:30PM


    Our topic:

    "Organizational Change the Wonderfultastic Way!"


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    At left is from an attendee of our Gulf Coast Symposium's presentation of "Organizational Change the Wonderfultastic Way" by Darby James. What an amazing talent and unique way of capturing notes. Darby, thank you and we are flattered!

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    The Fun Table!

    This section will eventually be populated with stories from YOU, my audience. When you hear me speak and have been told the "Fun Table" story, email me your experience using that tactic and I will post some of the good stories here. Make sure you tell me if okay to use your name or not. :) mailto:jimtastic@wonderfultastic.com

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    Wooden Nickels

    Did you get a signed wooden nickel from someone at Wonderfultastic.com?

    Email your story of how you received it.

    We will publish some of those stories. mailto:jimtastic@wonderfultastic.com

    Wooden Nickel Stories:

    "I enjoyed serving your "fun table" and it was easy to give what you called happyrific service! Thanks for my Nickel, I carry it every day to remind me work is what I make of it, as you told me!"

    Email your story of how you received yours.

    We will publish some of those stories. mailto:jimtastic@wonderfultastic.com

  • Effective communication presentation:

    You may use this presentation without editing. These materials may not be sold, printed in publications outside your company nor profited from.

  • Coming soon:
    The Wonderfultastic Way

    Book and CD set!

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    Inquiries for having Jimtastic at your next meeting? Want to purchase a book? Want a one-on-one session? Use the form below!

  • Where you'll find us

    Facebook; Email; Twitter; and Toll free number links below.

    844-WON-DRFL (844-966-3735).

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    844-WON-DRFL (844-966-3735)